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Our vision

Talent development philosophy

People-oriented talent perspective

We encourage employees to perform at their highest levels in an environment full of motivation, fair competition and cooperation.

Encouraging positive innovation

Innovation is seen as an indispensable condition in the Company's development process. The Company provides employees with a working environment that is both oriented and free to innovate.

Diverse learning opportunities

The Company has a sound training mechanism, and provides various staff trainings according to the common development needs of employees and the Company.

Onboard Training

The onboard training is divided into the company-level and department-level trainings, to help employees quickly adapt to the Company's culture. The company-level training includes understanding the Company's history, corporate culture, company norms, departmental systems and other content, and provides employees with a variety of vocational quality courses from time to time. The department-level training implements the mentor system. When a new employee is on the job, the department will assign a senior employee to carry out "mentorship" training, who will lead the newcomer one-on-one to a new team.

Business Skills Training

The Company has a sound on-the-job training system, makes the corresponding training plan regularly according to the training needs of employees and job sequence, and provides training and out-of-office exchange learning for each position.

Management Skills Training 

The Company pays attention to the training of management team. The Company has established a set of management personnel training system, to be committed to training excellent management personnel to adapt to the rapid development of the IT industry, and highly educated, high-quality and cooperative excellent team, so that employees can get more learning and progress in the work.

Internal Promotion Mechanism

When the Company has a job opening, the Company will first consider the Company's existing employees and offer them the opportunity to promote. 

Competitive Compensation and Completed Benefits

The Company’s working hours mechanism is a five-day work system. The Company offers attractive salary, annually salary adjustment opportunity and year-end bonus that is based on employee performance and the Company’s performance. At the same time, the Company purchases housing provident fund and pension, medical, work-related injuries, unemployment and other social insurance for each employee. Employees can also participate in the annual outing and various activities organized by the Company.